Domestic Multi-Trip

Stay secure every time
you step out of your home

Stay protected during rail, road & air travel

The Domestic Travel Insurance covers you in case of unforeseen expenses during your travel within India. As this is an annual multi-trip insurance, all your trips across rail, road, and air travel will be covered against personal accident and accidental hospitalisation for an entire year. This product offers you coverage against unexpected events every time you step out to go anywhere!

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Why choose Domestic Multi-Trip Insurance to secure your trip?

Secure every trip for a year only at Rs. 499!

Get covered while traveling by all modes of transport - trains, flights, buses & cabs

Get covered against Personal Accidents

Trip Cancellations? We’ve got you covered

We even secure unforseen events like Missed Connections

Get insured against Home Burglaries while you’re away

Stay protected during
rail, road & air travel