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What are Hybrid Funds?

Hybrid funds provide a good balance of growth and stability!

Hybrid funds, as the name suggests, are funds that invest in a mix ofEquityanddebt. Thus, they provide a good balance of growth and stability. Within Hybrid Funds, there are different sub-categories such as aggressive and dynamic funds. Let experts manage your Hybrid Funds portfolio for higher risk adjusted returns.

On PhonePe, you can make two kinds of hybrid investments based on your goals

Aggressive Hybrid Mutual Funds in India

Aggressive Hybrid

Invest in a fixed split of Equity & Debt funds

Dynamic Asset Allocation Hybrid Mutual Funds in India

Dynamic asset allocation

Invest in a variable split of Equity & Debt based on market conditions

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Get the perfect balance of growth & stability with PhonePe’s Hybrid Funds

Hybrid Equity Funds for cautious investors

Suitable for cautious investors

No Lock-in Period required in Hybrid Mutual Funds

No lock-in period required