Super Funds

Achieve your financial goals with expert help

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What are Super Funds?

Achieve your financial goals with expert help

PhonePe’s Super Funds are a complete, power-packed investment solution that invests your money across top Equity, Debt and Gold Mutual Funds of different companies. It is actively managed by experts who not only choose the right funds but also decide how much to invest inequity, debtand goldbased on market conditions. Their priority is to deliver higher returns at reduced risk.

You can choose from three kinds of Super Funds depending on your risk appetite - Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive, and invest as per your goals and risk profile.

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Get higher returns at a reduced risk with PhonePe’s Super Funds

Get experts' help to build your mutual fund portfolio

Let experts build and monitor your portfolio

Invest in Mutual Funds as per your goals & risk

Invest as per your goals & risk appetite

Start saving your money with less investment

Start from as little as Rs. 500

No lock-in period for your saving funds

No lock-in period applicable

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