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What Is Roadside Assistance Cover In Car Insurance?

Sampurna Mitra|3 min read|21 June, 2022

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Roadside Assistance is usually offered as an optional cover to a comprehensive car insurance policy. But, if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, you will find this add-on to be rather necessary.

Roadside Assistance cover will come to your rescue if you experience car troubles while on the move. Upon being notified, your insurance company may send a mechanic to where you are or arrange for the car to be towed to a nearby garage.

What Is Covered Under Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance generally covers:

  • Towing — If the situation is such that repair work to the car cannot be done on the spot, then arrangements will be made for the car to be towed to the nearby garage for servicing.
  • Spare key — Losing one’s car keys is actually quite a common problem — it happens more often than we’d like to admit. The good news is that under Roadside Assistance cover, the insurance company will arrange for another set to be delivered to the location from your place of residence or office.
  • Refueling — If your vehicle runs out of fuel, the insurance company will arrange for fuel to be delivered to your location.
  • Medical coordination — In the unfortunate situation that the policyholder also ends up getting injured due to an accident midway, the insurance company will coordinate with a nearby medical center for your treatment.
  • Flat tyre service — If the tyre of your car gets punctured, the insurance company will arrange for a technician to replace the tyre. In case a spare tyre is not available, the vehicle may be taken to a nearby garage for repairs.
  • Alternate transport accommodation — When the insured car is undergoing repairs, the insurance company may arrange for taxi/cab service to one destination.
  • Battery jump start — If the covered vehicle is immobilized as a result of rundown battery, the insurance company may arrange for a car technician to jump start the vehicle.

Note — The list of benefits offered may vary from insurer to insurer. Please refer to the policy wordings to know the events covered under this add-on

Who Should Opt For Roadside Assistance Cover?

If this cover is not part of your comprehensive car insurance policy, you can avail it separately by paying extra premium. The following factors may be considered while deciding whether or not to choose Roadside Assistance Cover:

  • You travel frequently — If you drive for work often, then opting for this cover is a good idea. You wouldn’t want to postpone that important business meeting due to car troubles, would you?
  • You don’t want to be bothered by minor repairs — Some of us may have trouble getting minor repair work done all by ourselves. If you think you’re one of them, then the Roadside Assistance Cover is a must-have.

Ideally, every vehicle owner should include the Roadside Assistance cover to their comprehensive car insurance policy. However, if you fit in any of the conditions mentioned above, then having this add-on is a must for you.

How To Purchase Roadside Assistance Cover On PhonePe App?

You can include this add-on cover at the time of purchasing a comprehensive motor insurance policy. You also have the option of adding it at the time of policy renewal.

Availing the Roadside Assistance cover on the PhonePe App is easy. Once you have selected the car insurance of your choice, you can see the Additional Add-ons that can be included in the policy. Select Roadside Assistance cover (if applicable), and proceed to buy the car insurance policy with the add-on.

Including the Roadside Assistance cover to your comprehensive car insurance policy gives you wholesome protection. You get the much-needed emergency support if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere because of car troubles.

Points To Remember

  • Any claim made under Roadside Assistance cover will not impact your No Claim Bonus.
  • There would be a limit to the number of times you can make a claim under Roadside Assistance cover. Please refer to the policy wordings before availing a policy.
  • Similar to the conditions applicable to all motor insurance claims, if you are found to be driving under the influence or without a valid license, you cannot claim any benefit under this cover.

Roadside Assistance cover is a great add-on to include with your comprehensive car insurance policy. On the PhonePe app, you can find a range of comprehensive motor insurance policies against which the RSA cover can be included. To make an informed decision, compare the services available and the additional premium applicable before purchase.

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