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Risk Operating System For Your Organization Reduce Losses, Build Trust



Prevent fraud efficiently with an automated fraud management platform that scales with your business

 intelligently at any scale

Prevent risk

intelligently at any scale

Enable large-scale processing of billions of events every month in real time

 to evolving fraud techniques

Respond quickly

to evolving fraud techniques

Adapt to new-age fraud practices with a combination of data, device and user behavioural attributes

journeys throughout their lifecycle

Secure customer

journeys throughout their lifecycle

Perform operations at scale with low latencies across multiple channels

operations in one place

Manage all risk

operations in one place

Maximize risk operations value related to analytics, compliance, audit and fraud centrally


A suite of products built intelligently to minimize risk

GuardianEval Engine for Pre-Emptive Fraud Detection & Prevention

A real-time evaluation engine built on a no-code platform that allows you to set up rules or deploy models real-time.

  • Configure no-code rules and models easily on a centralised dashboard
  • Run multiple controlled experiments in shadow mode to assess results
  • Use anomaly detection and ML models to detect suspicious fraud patterns
  • Manage rules and data science models with fraud analytics processes

GuardianDevice Guard

Uses risk, transactional, and behavioural data from every device to profile and predict malicious activity and to prevent fraud at source.

  • Detect malicious patterns such as root detection, emulator detection, device fingerprint and more, on mobile devices
  • Profile every device on your platform to stop fraud at source
  • Easily integrate with JS and Mobile SDKs

GuardianKnowledge Store

A store of attributes for each user stored to detect malicious patterns, making for actionable intelligence to deter fraud.

  • Create features on the go on a real-time aggregation engine and use them in rules and models
  • Store useful user demographic, behavioural or transactional attributes in a multi-dimensional entity store
  • Use carefully curated lists of industry-wide negative data to enhance fraud detection

GuardianCase Management

A customisable case management console to help the risk operations team reduce investigation time and manage compliance-related activity.

  • Translate all risk operations processes related to AML, chargeback and support channels into online modules
  • Decrease turnaround time for risk, fraud and audit-related processes by over 70%
Guardian by PhonePe

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