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PhonePe is now accepted at over 30 Million stores - everywhere from small kiranas to big supermarkets and showrooms. We are powering stores all over India with a mission to make lives easier with cashless payments. Depending on the size of your business and volume of sales, we offer a wide range of payment solutions.

POS Based Solutions

These solutions can be merged with your point-of-sale systems for easy record-keeping and management. Such a set-up is ideal for stores with high-volume sales, be it local shops or bigger stores.

Collect Request Solution
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This option allows you to auto populate the amount your customers need to pay, rather than manually entering it everytime. Your customers get a collect request on their phones and all they need to do is use their PhonePe app to complete the payment.

Dynamic QR
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EDC machine-based solution
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POS Based Solutions

Scan ‘n’ Pay

Scan ‘n’ Pay

It’s swift, effortless and perfect for small businesses! We provide QR stickers, table-top standees and nifty hangings that your customers can use to make lightning fast payments. The money is credited to the bank account of your choice.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services

We are constantly introducing new and innovative solutions to help offline businesses grow their sales. Currently, the value-adds we provide are all geared to drive customers to your stores, for convenience or offer rewards.

PhonePe ATM

Let customers withdraw cash at your store by becoming a PhonePe ATM! They can discover your shop in the ‘Stores’ section, visit the shop, withdraw and pay you the withdrawal amount directly on the PhonePe app. With this, you can increase walk-ins and acquire new nearby customers. It’s simple, safe & secure.

Reward Coupons

Running exciting offers at your store? Let PhonePe users know! We distribute engaging ‘scratch cards’ to our transacting customers on the Rewards page of the PhonePe app. You can use these to distribute coupons for the products/services at your store.

To know more about value added services and easy store-listing management, download the PhonePe for Business app!

Why accept offline payments with PhonePe?

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Quick, simple & secure payments

Keep records of all your cashless payments easily and let your customers pay effortlessly

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Easy store-listing management

Use the PhonePe for Business app to add/edit your store details and create offers for customers

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High impact value-adds

Make the most of the PhonePe app with our value-adds and drive more customers to your store

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