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Gold holds a special place in every Indian’s heart. Indians buy Gold with a sentimental interest, not just during festivals such as Dhanteras and Diwali, but on occasions like wedding ceremonies, commemorations and so on.

People buy Gold for investment purposes as well, as the yellow metal continues to build long-term wealth for multiple generations. In today’s digital age, PhonePe has made it super easy for even someone sitting in a remote area to buy Gold and build their savings over time.

Most people consider Gold to be the best hedge during difficult times. Understand more about the offerings at PhonePe and start building your Golden future today.


What PhonePe offers


Buy certified 24k Gold at marked link prices digitally on PhonePe from the comfort of your home! Your Gold will be stored in a highly secured bank-grade locker.

Highest purity

Purchase Gold coins and bars and enjoy highest purity.

What does it mean to buy certified 24K Gold digitally?

When you purchase Gold on PhonePe, you get an option to store it digitally in a bank grade locker safely. Thereafter, you can access your Gold anytime you want to and get it safely home-delivered.

Advantages of buying

gold digitally

You have the luxury to buy Gold at any time, from anywhere.

You get free bank grade lockers to store your Gold safely.

There are no making charges incurred for Gold.

The process is safe and easy.

What else can you do with your certified 24K Gold digitally?


You can convert your accumulated Gold to coins & bars*

Instant Money

You can get instant money into your linked bank account by selling the purchased Gold back to the provider.

*A minimum of 0.5gms of Gold needs to be accumulated if you want to convert it into coins. An additional minimal making and delivery fee will also be applied.

Order certified 24K Gold digitally on PhonePe in a super easy way

STEP 1/4
  1. 1. Select Wealth Options

    Go to the "Wealth" tab on the Homepage of the PhonePe app.

  2. 2. Select Gold

    Click on “Gold” under Investment Ideas.

  3. 3. Click “Buy Now”

    Click on “Buy Now” and then add the total Gold amount you want to purchase.

  4. 4. Make Payment

    Pay using your preferred payment method*.

STEP 1/4

1. Select Wealth Options

Go to the "Wealth" tab on the Homepage of the PhonePe app.

Save Gold

What does it mean to buy a certified 24K Gold coin?

Indians buy Gold coins for multiple reasons. It could be for gifting, to mark a religious or auspicious occasion or for personal investments. Gold coins are also high in demand during festivals such as Akshaya Tritiya, Dhanteras and Diwali.

Advantages of buying

gold coins on PhonePe


Get a purity certificate with each purchase


Risk free and tamper proof packing of your Gold


Get the best price in the market

Order certified 24K Gold coins and bars on PhonePe in a super easy way