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Build your Gold Savings on PhonePe!

PhonePe Editor|2 min read|24 March, 2021

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Buy 24K Gold gold coins & bars on PhonePe now

Intro — why is gold an investment/ considered as an asset?

  1. Gold is considered as a symbol of status and achievement. It holds a high aspirational value.
  2. It is considered as a safe and secure investment and associated with constant appreciation in it’s value and assured returns.
  3. It is a standard currency accepted by money lenders, pawn brokers etc and hence offers high flexibility to convert anywhere. It is also easy to liquidate unlike some other asset classes.

Disadvantages of buying Gold Offline

While buying gold offline gives consumers an opportunity to display their affluence, the key barriers identified for buying at offline venues are as follows :

  1. Over dependence on experts (jewellers, gold showroom brands) for recommendation on quality who often confuse/ mislead buyers on quality, grammage, final price. Investments in gold in form of sovereigns or biscuits are done from local goldsmiths who would offer them better prices(much less than retail outlets), while ensuring purity
  2. Constant needs for bargaining/ negotiating to get the right prices leading to embarrassment.

What do consumers seek while buying Gold & why should they buy Gold digitally on PhonePe?

  1. Trust & Purity : More than 7MN users have bought real gold on PhonePe. Buy 99.99% pure 24K real gold from MMTC PAMP & Safegold — the top Gold providers in the world. The purity is PhonePe Assured & you get your money back if we fail to live up to the quality promise.
  2. Transparency : PhonePe offers transparent pricing and covers additional costs such as delivery charges & taxes.
  3. Safety and Flexibility : PhonePe offers an easy, seamless and convenient ordering experience on the app <Support with screenshots/images/illustrations> You also get doorstep delivery of your gold in tamper proof packaging (insured and risk free delivery). Buyers need not depend on store timings to purchase. No fear of theft as gold is stored in bank grade lockers and no need to carry large amounts of cash to the showroom.

Consumers want the ability to easily liquidate small amounts when need arises.

  1. Education and Assurance : All that you need to know about Gold is right on the app. Check purity standards, current rates and expected rise in future in the <section>.
  2. Anyone can buy Gold. You don’t need to save 1st to buy Gold — Buy Gold on PhonePe for as low as ??? & build your gold savings every month.

How do users buy Gold coins & Bars? Available quantities?

Save in Gold for future or buy pure Gold for festive & special occasions. Buy 24K Gold gold coins & bars on PhonePe now.

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