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Build your investment portfolio, the Cricketing way

PhonePe Editor|2 min read|09 July, 2020

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If you had to choose a batsman for your team, which of the following would you choose?

Batsman A: Scored back-to-back half-centuries in the last two ODIs

Batsman B: Scored 0 and 2 in the same ODIs

If you want to choose batsman A. Think again. Wondering why?

Well, these were actual ODIs played between India vs New Zealand in 2010. And here is the current career record of these two Indian players.

Batsman A: Played 34 ODI innings and scored around 700 runs with an average of 24.

Batsman B: Played over 200 ODI innings and scored almost 12000 runs with an average of 59.

To make the right choice in Cricket, you must look beyond the batsman’s short-term performance.

One has to look at:

  • The Long-term record of the batsman
  • Technique and stroke playing abilities
  • Suitability for the playing conditions
  • Complementary skill sets vs. other batsmen

Fund A, B and C below were the top 3 funds in an equity funds category in 2017. Would you choose to invest in these funds based on this performance?

Look at what happens if we track the same fund’s performance for 2 more years now!

Building one’s mutual fund portfolio is also very similar to selecting players for your favourite cricket team.

So, if you have strong views on the Indian cricket team’s player selection process, you will appreciate the multiple factors and the holistic outlook that needs to be considered to be able to invest well. In today’s busy world, not everyone has the time, information and expertise to do the same. Expert fund managers are here to demystify and make it super easy for you.

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Mutual Funds investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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