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Driving financial inclusion across hinterlands of India

PhonePe Editor|3 min read|28 March, 2024

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PhonePe is on a mission to democratize payments and financial services to a billion + Indians and  processes over 6.8 billion transactions monthly. PhonePe has digitized over 38 million merchants on its platform and has also launched a bevy of products across payments, insurance, wealth, lending and more. With 80% of its transactions volume coming from India’s hinterland, PhonePe is leading the charge on driving financial inclusion across the country.

Karte Ja. Badhte Ja truly embodies what women often adopt as their slogan as they go about their lives – balancing family, work and overcoming challenges with grace and alacrity. No one exemplifies this better than the women who work in PhonePe’s frontline sales team, which has over 200 women employees working across regions. These women are relentlessly focussed on expanding PhonePe’s digital payments acceptance network by winning merchants’ trust across India, covering 99% of postal codes in the country. They have successfully navigated multiple challenges across both family and at work especially as they look to succeed in what has traditionally been a male dominated domain.

PhonePe recognizes the unique challenges women face and goes above and beyond to make sure it’s making a difference to the lives of its women employees. This women’s day, PhonePe interviewed 3 women staff of the frontline sales team and sought out their unique stories of overcoming adversity and their very own ‘Karte Ja. Badhte Ja’ moment. 

Unlocking career potential with dynamic roles

Reminiscing on her journey Momi Guha, Area Sales Manager, Guwahati, said, “I joined PhonePe as a Key Account Executive and eventually moved up the ladder in a short-span of 2 years to become an Area Sales Manager. Shortly after becoming an ASM, I faced a challenging situation while offering lending facilities to merchants. However, instead of giving in to the crisis, I critically analyzed the problem statement and came up with a unique solution which led me to achieve the highest targets. This was possible due to my dynamic role at PhonePe, which taught me the power of perseverance and resilience. Along with that, PhonePe’s Learning Assistance Program has proven to be very beneficial for my personal growth and development. With this, my confidence has grown and I have been transformed into a successful professional today. The best part about working in the FOS team for me is that I get to make a positive impact on the newer generation of employees as well as watch my team succeed and thrive.”

Breaking barriers with unwavering support

Reeta Chaudhary, Area Sales Manager, Hisar, added “Hailing from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, my PhonePe journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. I joined PhonePe in 2019 as a BDE and received a lot of accolades; however 2022 had different plans for me as I met with an accident and was advised bed rest for over 6 months. During this difficult period, my team and the organization showed unwavering support. All my medical expenses were covered by the company insurance policy. As a part of the FOS team, I feel very empowered to be a woman working in a male-dominated field. In fact, one of my proudest moments was when I was handling the toughest territory of my region (a semi-rural area where only men work) as a TSM and I was able to perform exceedingly well due to my manager’s continued support and belief in me.”

Redefining roles with strength and resilience

Pinkina Singh, Business Development Associate, Bhubaneswar, said “After spending three years in an off-role position, I transitioned into an on-role position during which I took maternity leave and then seamlessly rejoined the workforce. PhonePe helped me thrive and navigate the field environment and parenthood better. With my manager’s encouragement, I was able to achieve my targets and contribute positively to my team. PhonePe also provides immense flexibility which helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance and prioritize my personal responsibilities.”

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