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Howzzat! Fun and Games at PhonePe

PhonePe Team|2 min read|22 August, 2019

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Bicycle kicks, drop shots, forehand drives and the perfect leg spin …

It was time for fun and games at PhonePe, as we got together for the first ever PhonePe Super league. The event was a big success and saw overwhelming participation from teams across locations.

Faster, stronger, higher..

The Super League saw over 200 enthusiastic PhonePe employees gear up to play some cricket, football, badminton, TT and foosball too! A fortnight before the event formally kicked off, people were seen frantically forming teams, buying the right sporting gear and of course practicing in real earnest.

The event kicked off with football which was played futsal style in a league format, followed by double elimination. If you thought amateur football was all fun and games you should have seen the competitive spirit and skill on display! The cricket matches took place next in a league format as well, with even out-station teams coming and competing in some of the games.

The much anticipated badminton, TT and foosball games came later and saw a record number of teams giving it their all. The overwhelming participation was not surprising as we are a sporty bunch and a lot us play together quite often.

Quick takes…

Auction Replay: Before the event started, an IPL style auction was hosted for the cricket and football games. The proceedings got exciting with people owning teams and bidding for players. Interestingly, there was also a secret ballot for team owners to choose the best players before the auction.

Ultimate Thrills :Ultimate Frisbee was organised as a bonus sport by a PhonePe employee! She even got a national level player to train folks. It was a fun learning experience for everyone.

The Most Valuable Player: Our CEO Sameer won the Golden Boot, beating a whole lot of younger players. His blazing performance helped his team win a lot of crucial games.

The Super 40: One of our cricket teams included players above 40, who had vowed to show the young ones how it’s done.

The PhonePe Super League was a great way to refresh and reboot. The event saw many of us bond over quirky team names like ‘Unreal Madrid’, matching jerseys and inside jokes.

Footnote: We are gearing up for an encore soon!

Winning Words:

Here’s what some of our winners have to say…

“The office had a very festive atmosphere throughout this month. The Super League saw its share of emotional moments and nail-biting finishes which made things more exciting. I also got to know a lot of new people and have many fond memories of the event. I am already looking forward to the next one!” — Ashwin Raghavan

You get a wonderful rush when you see people cheering for you while you are playing. Winning and losing does not really matter at the end and participating and being a part of something like this trumps everything. I also got to interact with a lot of new people. Looking forward to more such events.” — Sakshi K

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