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Making the PhonePe Workspace Disability-Friendly

Muktha Tavane|2 min read|01 December, 2022

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At PhonePe, building an inclusive workplace means valuing employees for their strengths, uniqueness, and talent over any physical limitations. When we launched the Diversity & Inclusion initiative in March 2021, instead of making it merely about numbers or meeting our hiring targets, we focused on being an equal-opportunity employer while building an inclusive workplace where everybody feels like they belong.

We began our collective journey to where we are today by identifying the organizational need to educate ourselves and create a work environment that is functional and comfortable for persons with disabilities (PWD). All the infrastructural upgrades meet the mandates provided by the RPWD Act 2016, and National Building Codes 2016. Also, PhonePe partnered with Enable India to conduct a detailed audit by accessibility experts. We have incorporated the necessary infrastructural enhancements based on their recommendations to enable accessibility to a larger extent.

Braille sign

This is an important step in our efforts to break the communication barriers at the workplace. PhonePe has used braille signs for indoor office navigation maps, meeting room directories, and fire evacuation maps that are displayed in the common areas to enable easier accessibility of the premises for visually impaired employees. From an accessibility and readability standpoint, we have ensured to position the signages at the right height and distance that is suitable for PWD.

Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs)

PhonePe has designed its offices to assist visually impaired employees with tactile ground patterns or unique non-slip surfaces that act as directional cues for navigating office areas independently, safely, and easily.

PWD-Friendly Washrooms

PhonePe has enabled accessible infrastructure for washrooms with wheelchair accessibility, ramps wherever necessary, grab rails for support, and much more. These restrooms are specifically designed to accommodate people with physical disabilities.

Wheelchair ramps in common areas

The incorporation of these ramps allows wheelchair users, people assisting them, and PhonePe employees with any mobility issues to move and navigate around the office premises with ease.

Loop induction system

PhonePe has installed this assistive listening system to support the noise-free transmission of the audio source, thus providing improved hearing for people with a hearing impairment.

Dedicated Parking for Persons with Disabilities

PhonePe has provided dedicated parking for persons with disabilities along with a dedicated ambulance and necessary signages on the ground floor of its office premises.

At PhonePe, we are building an inclusive environment through education, conversations, and on-ground initiatives to help remove any mental barriers, thus making it more accessible, and a healthy work environment for all.

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