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PhonePe Tech Bootcamp 2022: Here’s what the Bootcampers have to say!

Muktha Tavane|4 min read|28 October, 2022

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This year’s Bootcamp, PhonePe Tech Bootcamp 2022 was a grand success! The new hires at PhonePe, fresh out of college, came from across cities to Bangalore to get a taste of what it’s like to be a PhonePe-r. The 6 weeks immersive bootcamp provided the right platform for newbies to hear from the engineering teams at PhonePe and a chance to mingle with their counterparts. The Bootcamp was a fun-filled few days of learning, bonding and camaraderie as they got a deep insight into the diverse and incredible talent and tech at PhonePe.

This year’s Bootcamp was, in Bootcamper Kanak Verma’s words “fun-filled and enriching and included comprehensive interactive activities, quizzes and games. We also had sessions that gave us a deep insight into all pods in the organisation and how they develop their products and solve business problem statements.”

Let’s get straight into what Bootcampers have to say about PhonePe Tech Bootcamp 2022!

Learning from leaders at PhonePe

Kanak Verma

“The PhonePe Tech Bootcamp 2022 started with Connect Sessions giving us an opportunity to interact with the leaders of PhonePe. They enlightened us about the PhonePe ecosystem , architecture and the one that I find most important, PhonePe values.

The Takeaways

The Leadership Connect session with Rahul Chari helped us understand the business parameters that reflect PhonePe values. He explained the tech aspects of PhonePe are evolving as we scale. We also discussed PhonePe data centres that enable smooth operations with speed and accuracy. All in all, the Bootcamp gave us deep insight into how PhonePe functions in terms of data flow, managing operations, and security.

The Bootcamp helped us freshers acclimate to the PhonePe ecosystem. We had technical workshops that helped us dive deep into computer science fundamentals, design patterns and architecture used at PhonePe.

Besides tech, leaders at the Connect session elucidated the business aspects of every product at PhonePe.

The Bootcamp as a whole has been a valuable learning experience and the perfect platform to form rapport with my peers with whom I can collaborate in the near future. I envision to use everything that I gained and learnt as resources to contribute to the organisation.”

What makes PhonePe Tech Bootcamp unique

Harshad Manglani

“The PhonePe Tech Bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive induction sessions a new grad can expect. I’ve always been a fan of solving problems at scale, and the bootcamp gave me a chance to understand how PhonePe handles traffic at the rate of 3500 TPS (transactions/second). I was fascinated by one of the sessions that touched upon the kind of design thinking that went behind deciding the location of our data centre and how additional latencies in nanoseconds per unit of distance had to be taken into account. Not only did the bootcamp cover all the micro-services that run behind the scenes to power the nation’s biggest UPI payments app, but it also dived deep into the most advanced fintech ecosystem in the world. The sessions covered end to end payment flows for UPI in great depth and detail. That’s what makes PhonePe Tech Bootcamp unique.”

The Takeaways

“Amit Apte’s session on payment instruments was the most educational one for me. He covered payment flows for UPI, Wallet, Cards — the interaction between core components to make a payment happen. I learnt about terminal and non-terminal instruments, how PhonePe communicates with NPCI, how our payment gateway integrates with various payment aggregators and so on.

The highlight of the PhonePe Tech Bootcamp was the friends I made. Since I’m an extrovert, breaking the ice wasn’t all that hard. From making peers laugh when they’re on stage making a tech presentation, to playing Mafia at our hotel rooms till two in the night, we had a ton of fun. That being said, I now have POCs in most tech teams at Bangalore that I can reach out to anytime, thus making org wide collaboration far easier.

Post the PhonePe Tech Bootcamp, I’m looking forward to learning more about how our tech works and making meaningful contributions to the org.”

PhonePe Tech Bootcamp goes beyond skill development

Tarini Shekapuram

“Being a fresher who’s just graduated and entering a whole new corporate world was quite overwhelming, but the Bootcamp made it a lot easier to get started. It was well structured and conducted in various phases like Leadership Sessions, Crio Bootcamp, Tech DeepDive Sessions and finally a 2-day hackathon. Each session had its own speciality and provided great insight into PhonePe ‘s culture and newer technologies.”

The Takeaways

“There were multiple informative sessions conducted as part of the Bootcamp. Being a backend developer, the most educational session that had a great impact on me was “Development Practices and Paradigms — Backend” by Santanu Sinha. Beginning from a high level of abstraction and finally diving deep into how exactly our services are structured and explaining to us the communication between multiple services, was a wonderful experience and was abundantly informative. He also gave us guidelines on the best coding practices and how to approach a problem efficiently.”

Unlike other training programs, PhonePe Tech Bootcamp did not just focus on delivering content in one direction but also made us explore ourselves and our thoughts by conducting “Tech Talks”. These talks were very helpful for a person like me to overcome stage fear and helped me build my confidence up. The 2-day Hackathon was another aspect that made the Bootcamp more than just skill development training. We were divided into multiple teams and sub teams and were given a real world problem statement. It made me think in multiple ways, taught me how to work in teams and also taught me how to work in a time restricted environment, thus this bootcamp doesn’t just focus on the technical development of a person but also on a person’s overall development which makes it very unique.

The PhonePe Tech Bootcamp has taught me so much and helped me evolve. I would be inculcating all the values the company follows and carry forward the knowledge I have gained from multiple sessions to utilise in growing my career at PhonePe while contributing my skills in its overall growth. Looking forward to many more challenges and super excited to be a proud PhonePe-r.

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