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Stay alert from Cashback frauds!

PhonePe Team|2 min read|21 August, 2020

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You receive an SMS message with a link claiming to be from PhonePe and urging you to click and unlock exciting Cashback rewards. You wonder if the link is legit and if you should click and claim the reward. But then you decide against it. Great Decision!

Had you clicked on the link and followed the steps to claim the reward, you would have ended up losing money to unscrupulous fraudsters on the lookout to cheat users. Any message asking you to enter your UPI PIN to receive cashback should be ignored.

Fraudsters’ are luring users with the promise of winning rewards, through Cashback offers and Scratch cards. Some may send you fake links with offers or you may even see Cashback-related posts on fake social media pages. These links and social media pages are cleverly designed to resemble PhonePe’s official Website and logo to trick you into believing that the offer is genuine. Some scamsters may also call you and ask you to complete a few steps to receive the Cashback on the PhonePe app by accepting a payment link which appears on your notifications/bell icon.

How does PhonePe Cashback work?

  • PhonePe Cashback is automatically credited to your Wallet

No additional action is needed from you to claim or accept Cashback. PhonePe does not offer Cashback or rewards over phone calls or links. Any URLs, social media posts or phone calls promising Cashback are misleading.

  • You do not need to enter your UPI PIN to receive Cashback or rewards on PhonePe

Customers are never asked to enter their UPI PIN to receive Cashback. UPI PIN is required only when you send money from your bank account. If you are asked to enter your UPI PIN to receive Cashback, decline the transaction immediately and report it to us on

  • All Cashback and other offers are listed on the “View All Offers” section on the homepage of your PhonePe app

Refer to this section to know about genuine PhonePe Cashback offers. Read the eligibility criteria carefully along with the terms & conditions prior to making any transaction.

Tips to stay safe from fraudsters:

Accept a payment request only from known sources

Payment requests can be sent by anyone who knows your UPI ID. Decline payment requests from unknown sources. Remember that anyone who knows your phone number can request money from your UPI ID.

“To find out your UPI ID, go to the profile section in your PhonePe app and look under “My BHIM UPI ID.” Your default PhonePe UPI ID is yourphonenumber@ybl.”

Ignore fake calls/payment requests from strangers

Do not entertain callers offering you Cashback, even if they claim to be PhonePe representatives. If you get a call from an unknown number claiming to be a friend/family, please make sure that you recognize them well before making any payment transactions.

Remember: Never share confidential information, such as UPI PIN, OTP, CVV and card details with anyone, including PhonePe officials.

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