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Stay Safe from QR Code Fraud!

PhonePe Editor|2 min read|26 December, 2019

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Digital payments have made life easy for millions of Indians. However, instances of payment frauds are also increasing. Did you know fraudsters can scam you even if they don’t have your card or bank account details? One such one fraud on the rise is the QR Code Fraud.

Here’s how QR Code Fraud works:
The fraudster sends you a picture of a QR code on WhatsApp or any other picture sharing app. The message will ask you to scan the code, enter an amount, and enter your UPI PIN to receive free cash rewards in your bank account. Alternatively, fraudsters will use apps which allow them to send a QR code with a pre-populated amount asking you to just enter your UPI PIN. As soon as you do that, money will get debited from your account.

Here’s an example of a fraudulent message:

Please Remember: You never have to ‘Pay’ or enter your UPI pin to receive money on PhonePe. A genuine sender only requires your phone number to send you money. If you receive a message like this, do not respond. Instead, contact PhonePe Support on the app to report the phone number and other details of the fraudster.

Here’s what you need to remember to stay safe from frauds:
PhonePe never asks for confidential details. If you are asked for such details by anyone posing as a PhonePe representative, please ask them to send you an email. Only respond to emails from domain.

  • Do not search for PhonePe customer support numbers on Google, Twitter, FB etc. The ONLY official way to reach PhonePe customer support is
  • Never call/respond to unverified mobile numbers claiming to be PhonePe Support.
  • Connect with us on our official accounts only across various social media platforms.
    Twitter handles:
    – Facebook account:
  • In case your card or account details get compromised:
    – Report to
    – Approach your nearest cyber-cell and file a police complaint.

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